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Captain Chris Randel

90' X 24' Sleeps 49

Where The Privilege of
Your Sportfishing Adventure
is Our Priority

We offer an impressively large deck area, more than 200 linear feet of open rail space with plenty of room to land the catch of a lifetime! Our focus is on customer safety, service, and comfort. On Board amenities include stateroom berthing, large & modern galley, color TV and Playstation 3 with 300 movies. We also feature 200 scoop live bait wells and 12 tons of refrigerated fish storage to make it easy to catch and keep the BIG ONES! 
Charter Rates

The charter rates outlined below are listed for trips taken Monday through Thursday (M-T) and those taken Friday, Saturday or Sunday (F,S,S). The numbers found in parenthesis refer to the number of passengers accommodated at the quoted charter rate. Additional passengers up to the boat's capacity can be accommodated for an additional fee.
Season Destination Rate M-T Rate F,S,S
Summer July - Aug - Sept
Full Day $5,700 (35) $6,700 (35)
Summer June or Oct
Full Day $5,200 (35) $6,200 (35)
Summer July - Aug - Sept
1.5 day $8,500 (35) $10,000 (35)
Summer June or  Oct
1.5 day $8,000 (35) $9,000 (35)
Galley available on all $300 minimum on food.
*Meal plan are available for $40 per person per day.
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2803 Emerson Street
San Diego, CA 92106
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