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Old Glory
85' x 24' Sleeps 44

Captain Joe Phillips

There's no equal in Passenger
Service and Comfort

She represents the top of the line for local and long range fishing. From passenger accommodations to crew service, this 85-footer is an angler's dream. Passenger comforts include open berthing accommodations, sun deck, air-conditioning, fresh water maker, two heads and hot shower. A shipboard entertainment center includes color TV, VCR, video library and stereo. A large modern galley seats 40 and boasts a menu known for its extensive offerings and expert preparation. The Captains run a very professional Sportfishing operation with special attention to anglers satisfaction.

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Features and Amenities:
  • Spacious Sun Deck
  • Two Heads with Hot Shower
  • Modern Galley Seats 40
  • Color TV
  • VCR and Stereo
  • Fully Air-conditioned
  • 15 Ton Refrigerated Fish Hold
  • 4500 Gallons Fuel Capacity
  • Two Generators
  • Fresh Water Maker
  • Full Electronics with Scanning Sonar

  • 2015 Charter Rates

    The charter rates outlined below are listed for trips taken Monday through Thursday (M-T) and those taken Friday, Saturday or Sunday (F,S,S). The numbers found in parenthesis refer to the number of passengers accommodated at the quoted charter rate. Additional passengers up to the boat's capacity can be accommodated for an additional fee.
    Season Destination Rate Mon-Thursday Rate Fri, Sun Rate Sat
    July, August and September Full Day
    Outer Banks
    $6,000 (41) $6,900 (41) $7,500 (41)
    June and October Full Day
    $4,500 (41) $5,000 (41) $5,750 (41)
    April and May Full Day
    Coronado Islands
    $3,100 (41) $3,500 (41) $4,000 (41)
    Galley Required. $250 minimum on food only. All rates subject to change.
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    2803 Emerson Street
    San Diego, CA 92106
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    Voice: (619) 222-1144   Fish Count (619) 224-2800