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A Proud Tradition of Dependable Service

80' x 20'  51 Passenger Capacity
Captain Mike Schmidt & Bill Wilkerson
Malihini specializes in day fishing at the Coronado Islands for Yellowtail, Bonito, Barracuda, Halibut, Rockfish, White Sea Bass, and Sculpin. Trips depart on a regular schedule at 5:30AM and return at approximately 4 - 7 PM. She has an experienced crew, full electronics and complete galley.

Private charters can be arranged.

All passengers on board
must have a current photo I.D.

Minors under 15 may use their birth certificate.

Secure on line bookings
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Individual Rate: 3/4 Day
California fishing license additional when required.
Mexican Sportfishing Permit and Mexican Tourist Visa are included. Always bring your current photo I.D.

2014 Charter Rates

The numbers found in parenthesis refer to the number of passengers accommodated at the quoted charter rate. Additional passengers up to the boat's capacity can be accommodated for an additional fee.
Season Mon-Thurs Fri, Sun and Holidays Saturdays
June-September $3,425 (51) $3,925 (51) $4,350 (51)
April, May and October $2,800 (51) $2,990 (51) $3,200 (51)
Day November - April $1,435 (51) $2,160 (51)
$2,160 (51)
Parade of Lights
$1,550 (51)
Burial At Sea $1,000 (50) After 6:30 PM

Bay Cruises $300/Hour - 3 Hr. Min.

Galley minimum is $300.00. All rates subject to change.
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