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The boats in the H&M Open Party Fleet are also available for private charter. Click on a boat's name or photo to see it's detail.

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Captain Frank Brenha
65' X 22' - Sleeps 32 -
Full Day-Limited Load

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Top Gun 80
Captains Bob Taft and Scott Hart
80' X 22' - Sleeps 25 - Multi-day-Limited Load

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First String
Captain Bradley Phillips
93' X 26' -- Sleeps 48 -- Full Day/Limited Load - Multi-day

Old Glory
Old Glory
Captain Joe Phillips
85' X 24' -- Sleeps 44 - Full Day/Open Party

malihini2.jpg - 10564 Bytes Malihini
Captains Mike Schmidt & Bill Wilkerson
80' X 20' -- Capacity 51 -- 3/4 day Open Party

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Captain Tim Green
81' X 25' -- Capacity 90 -- 1/2 day Open Party

H&M Landing maintains a full service tackle shop. Tackle is available for purchase or rent for all trip types, from local half day to long range. We are proud to offer Seeker Rods and Penn Reels. All rental equipment is in excellent working condition. We do require a rental security deposit in the form of either a credit card or cash. Ask on the day of departure about the best terminal tackle for current fishing conditions.

Tackle Rental Rates
1/2 Day $12-20.00
3/4 Day $17-20.00
Full Day Surface $20.00-35
Full Day Bottom or Trolling $30.00-55
Security Deposit Required

Boats depart every day, all year around, on a regular schedule and you can simply buy a ticket and come aboard. Trip destinations and departure times will vary throughout the year, depending on the season. When you're ready to tackle some wonderful adventures, please give us a call. We'll tell you what's biting and where, then we'll advise you on the best trip for the time you have available. Although it's not necessary, we recommend making an advance reservation to ensure your place at the rail. Please bring current passport or photo i.d. for all passengers.
All boats in the H&M Landing fleet are independently, privately owned and operated.
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October thru Early Spring


The Coronado Islands offer something special for every season. In the spring there's great surface fishing for yellowtail, white sea bass, barracuda, bonito, calico bass, and more! In the winter there's fantastic bottom fishing. The full day trip gets you to the fishing grounds by sun up for an action packed day.

Spring Departures: 9- 10:00 PM, returns between 4:00 - 7:00PM.

Online Schedule
Full Day
Coronado Islands Fare
Open Party Fare Adults:$147-170
Tackle Rental $20.00 Surface
Mexican Fishing Permits are included.
Mexican Tourist Visa if needed are additional $25.00


Our three quarter day trip to the offshore kelp beds provides a full day of fishing in less than 'full day' time. A great trip for those on a tight schedule! In the spring, summer and fall trips target surface game fish including yellowtail, white sea bass, barracuda, bonito, and calico bass. Winter trips target sand bass, rock cod and bottom fish.

All Year Departures:
Daily at 5:30 AM,
returns approximately 5-7:00 PM

Online Schedule 
3/4 Day Fare
Adult: $145-170
Children, Seniors, Active Military: $135-170
Tackle Rental $17-20.00
Mexican Fishing Permits and Visa are included.


Half day trips fish the coastline from Imperial Beach to the Point Loma kelp beds or Mexican Waters according to the "best bite". Depending on the season, you can expect to catch a variety of game fish including yellowtail, calico bass, sand bass, barracuda, bonito, mackerel and rock fish.

All Year Departures

April - August
6:30 AM & 1:00 PM everyday
September & October
6:30 AM & 1:00 PM Sat & Sun
6:30 AM depart 5 PM return Monday - Friday

January through March:
8:00 AM Weekdays

6:30 AM & 1:00 PM
on Weekends & Holidays.

June - August:
Twilight trips depart 6:30 PM;

Online Schedule

1/2 Day Fare
Adult: $48
Children, Seniors & Active Military Discounted Fare: $40
Tackle Rental: $12/$16
1 Day Fishing License: $15.12
June through August
Adult: $40.00
Children, Seniors & Active Military: $30.00
Tackle Rental: $12/16.00

October - April only


Full day trips fish the Baja Coast in Mexican Waters for the more than 50 species of rock cod & bottom fish caught, including red rock cod, ling cod and cow cod. Bottom fishing is great fun and a real bargain! You can count on bringing home a sack full from almost any day's fishing.

Fall, Winter Departures: 9:00 PM,
returns between 7:00 and 10:00 PM

Online Schedule
Full Day Rock Cod Fare
Open Party Fare: $190.00
Tackle Rental $30-45.00
Mexican Fishing Permits and Visa - additional.

The season for albacore, Yellowfin, bluefin and big eye tuna can begin as early as May and run as long as November. The fishing grounds can be anywhere from 30 to 200 miles offshore. In addition to full day trips, multi-day trips are available all season long. For albacore and tuna there is no better place than San Diego!

Summer, Fall Departures: 8 - 10:00 PM, returns between 6 - 9:00 PM.

Online Schedule
Full Day
Outer Banks/Freelance 
Limited Load: $225-$260
Open Ticket Fare: Adults: $205 - 245
Children: under 15 $185 - 205
Tackle Rental: $20 - 30.00 Surface
$30 - 45.00 Trolling
Mexican Fishing Permits are included.


 We strongly recommend that you make advance reservations for open party trips. A 50% deposit is required to confirm reservations. All reservations are tentative without a deposit. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted.  We require a 7 day notice to cancel trips of less than 36 hours or your deposit is forfeited. For longer trips please read your contract.

H&M Landing reserves the right to make whatever changes in the trip that circumstances dictate, including cancellations for under-subscriptions, changes in the itinerary due to weather or other conditions, unavailability of boats or substitutions of boats as deemed necessary.

Travel Insurance is recommended. One choice is: 619-460-5615

 If you fish often, you may want to keep a floating deposit with the landing. Call the landing office for details. 619-222-1144.

All boats in the H&M Landing fleet are independently, privately owned and operated.

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