October 17, 2017

The Old Glory is running for sure, departing at 9pm!

The Yellowfin are biting today!  Do not miss out Go Fishing!

The Relentless is running for sure fishing Wednesday at 5:30AM for fishing at the Coronado Islands for 3/4 day. (Passport required).  The Yellowtail and Bluefin are biting! Don’t miss out Go Fishing!

Sunday Night Hoop Netting:

Alicia: 24 legals, 49 shorts released

Jig Strike: 17 legals, 36 shorts released


On the Water:

Top Gun 80: 1 of 2-1/2 days: Limits of Yellowfin Tuna!

Sea Adventure 80: 1 Day : Limits of Yellowfin Tuna!

check back later for complete fish counts!

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October 16th 2017

The Yellowfin Tuna are out biting today!

The Old Glory has called in with LIMITS of Yellowfin Tuna!  Captain Kley from The Old Glory has put a will run on tomorrow nights full day trip!

The Ocean Odyssey is on their 1st of 2-1/2 days and they have LIMITS of Yellowfin Tuna.  They are on the hunt for other offshore species!

The Legend returned this morning with LIMITS of Yellowfin Tuna, 2 Dorado, 21 Yellowtail!

The Relentless also returned this morning with 54 Yellowfin Tuna!

Tonight we have the Top Gun 80 departing for a 2-1/2 day trip!

We have lots of openings all this week for * 1/2 * 1/2 Day * 3/4 Day * Overnight * Multi-Day *  Click on your trip and get in on this great fall fishing!

The Lobsters were crawling last night.  The Jig Strike hooped up 22 Lobsters, 2 Rock crabs and released 32 Short Lobsters!

  The Jig Strike and Alicia have room this week for Lobster and Crab hooping!Lobster hooping!*


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  • 90 X 24 Feet
  • Sleeps 49
  • Captain Jake Bos


We offer an impressively large deck area, with more than 200 linear feet of open rail space and plenty of room to land the catch of a lifetime! Our focus is on customer safety, service, and comfort. With Long Range style meal plans on a abbreviated style of trip.

Our on Board amenities include full air conditioned staterooms and open berthing areas, large & fully remodeled modern galley, twin flat screen color TV’s, MP4 player with over 300 movies and TV shows, Sirius XM satellite radio and for your multi day trip accommodations both heads have hot fresh water showers.

The Chief is fully equipped with the latest’s electronics and modern fish finding equipment, We also feature a custom 200 scoop live bait Tank, and 12 tons of spray brine, refrigerated fish storage to make it easy to catch and keep the BIG ONES!

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  • 90′ X 24′
  • Sleeps 49
  • Captain Jake Bos
Season Destination Rate M-T Rate F,S,S
Summer July – Aug – Sept Full Day $6,000 (35) $7,000 (35) Fri & Sun
Summer July – Aug – Sept Full Day Saturday only $7,500 (35) Saturday.
Summer July – Aug – Sept 1.5 day $9,500 (35) $12,000 (35)
Summer July – Aug – Sept 2 day $12,000 (35) $13,000 (35)
Summer July – Aug – Sept 2.5 day $15,000 (35) $16,500 (35)
Summer July – Aug – Sept 3 day $16,000 (35) $17,500 (35)
Spring June or Fall October Full Day $5,500 (35) $6,500 (35)
Spring June or Fall October 1.5 day $8,000 (32) $9,000 (32)
Spring June or Fall October 2 day $10,500 (32) $12,000 (32)
Spring June or Fall October 2.5 day $13,500 (32) $15,000 (32)
Winter Nov-Mar Freelance $2,750 (45) $3,000 (45)
Winter Nov-Mar Full Day $3,600 (35) $4,100 (35)
Winter Nov-Mar 1 1/2 day $6,000 (45) $7,000 (45)
Winter Nov-Mar Local $2,500 (45) $2,850 (45)
Additional charges include: Mexican Permits, California Fishing Licenses, tackle and fish cleaning. Additional passengers are $150.00 per person per day up to a maximum of 40. Meal plans are available for $50.00 per person per day.
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