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3 Hour Tours Are Closed Until December

San Diego Whale Watching & Nature Adventures

H&M Landing has been the pioneer in West Coast whale watching since 1953. Renowned for our wide range of adventure offerings, we have unsurpassed expertise in the approach and observation of marine wildlife in their natural environment. Whether you are looking for a 3 Hour Local Trip or one of our longer expeditions to the seacoasts and lagoons of Baja California, H&M Landing will show you the way.

Watching the annual Migration of the Pacific Gray Whales

San Diego has become a global destination for visitors to observe one of the longest migrations on our planet, the Pacific Gray Whale. Each year, thousands of these gentle giants pass right offshore as they head south to the calving lagoons of Baja Mexico, and then back North returning to their traditional feeding grounds in the Bering Sea. Marine Sanctuaries established along our seacoast provide a haven for a diversity of wildlife, all of which are commonly observed. Interpretation is provided by our team of experienced captains with decades of time on the water identifying wildlife of the region.

Our fleet of whale watching vessels are U. S. Coast Guard Certified and built for the open sea. Full walk around decks put you right in the open providing an unparalleled experience in terms of observation. Spacious and comfortable, our vessels offer both indoor and outside seating as well as full service galleys. When you choose to watch whales from San Diego, trust the sea-savy pioneers at H&M Landing…Celebrating more than 50 years of Whale Watching Adventures.

Whale Watching Sea-Fari


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5 Hour Sea-Fari

Sat at 9:00 AM

$95 Per Person, $85 Military and Seniors, $75 Children

Five-Hour Coastal & Island Nature Cruise

December through April
Fri, Sat & Sun at 9:00 AM

Mexico’s wildlife sanctuary at the Coronado Islands, just 14 miles from San Diego, provides a spectacular environment for whale watching and wildlife observation, including dolphins, seals, sea lions, kelp forests, up to 80 varieties of sea birds and one of the only two elephant seal rookeries within 300 miles. Learn more about life on the islands – the famous “rum-running” days, the old casino, Dead Man’s Island and more.

All trips include informative narration on whales, their migration and the other marine life and sights you will see on your cruise. H&M’s fleet of whale-watching vessels are built for the open sea. Spacious, safe and comfortable, our vessels provide outdoor and indoor seating, galley lounges with hot food and beverage service.

Venture through the pristine waters surrounding the Los Coronados Islands of Mexico, marveling at rare and endangered wildlife amidst dramatic scenery. Volcanic in origin, the Coronado Islands are the perfect sanctuary for both resident and migratory species. The islands are home to the massive Elephant Seal as well as other species of pinnipeds. The Sea-Fari tour is the ideal way to spend a few hours on the water observing wildlife in an unspoiled setting. This tour is fully narrated and non-landing, meaning that visitors will remain afloat for the entirety of the four-hour tour as they search for wildlife and learn about the people who used to inhabit the island. Valid Passport required.

Nature Cruise January 27

An unbelievably beautiful day greeted passengers on board the Bright and Morning Star Thursday morning.  The great Pacific Ocean was as calm as a lake.  A mixed pod of common and Pacific White-sided dolphins appeared [...]

Nature Cruises — January 21 and January 22

It doesn't get any better than this for whale watchers off San Diego, venturing out to Los Coronados Islands.  Passengers on Friday's Nature Cruise were treated to numerous whale sightings - sometimes seeing spouts in [...]

A Day On The Water That Was Just Too Good Not To Share

January 16, 2010 was THE most perfect day for a nature, whale watching cruise.  MV Bright and Morning Star left the H&M Landing dock at 10:30am with Captain Ben at the wheel and Captain Steve [...]

Nature Cruise, Saturday January 15

A wonderful trip on the Bright and Morning Star today.  We left the dock around 10 with about 85-90 passengers, the majority being Sierra Club members who had chartered the boat.  On board with the [...]

Nature Cruise March 26, Saturday and March 27, Sunday

Passengers enjoyed the antics of a large pod of common dolphins as they headed southwest Saturday morning.  Almost immediately after the dolphin extravaganza, passengers viewed the courtship behavior of two or three Eastern Pacific gray [...]

Nature Cruise March 19, Saturday

Light rain showers cleared early, making for an enjoyable Nature Cruise for passengers joining San Diego Natural History Museum Whalers Laurie and Uli on Saturday.  Everyone on board got a good look at a northbound [...]

Nature Cruise March 17, Thursday

The "Luck of the Irish" was with passengers on board today's Nature Cruise.....good sightings of 12 gray whales, including a young whale that breached six times!  Additionally, spouts of 20 different gray whales were seen [...]

Nature Cruise March 12 and 13, Saturday and Sunday

Passengers on Saturday's Nature Cruise were thrilled when they came upon approximately 2,000 common dolphins frolicking in the water, tail slapping and high jumping, as well as surfing the wake of the vessel.  The elephant [...]