June 23, 2024

Offshore activity is showing excellent signs of life while local fishing has taken off in recent days as well! Summer is heating up in San Diego! Check out our trip calendar HERE to find your next trip

Morning Return:

Spirit Of Adventure returned with 61 Bluefin Tuna for 23 anglers! Book Spirit Of Adventure HERE

Ocean Odyssey returned with 19 Bluefin for 29 anglers! Book Ocean Odyssey HERE

Horizon returned with 1 Halibut, 21 Yellowtail (20+ Released), 35 Bocaccio, 6 Calico Bass (25 Released), 12 Bonito, 7 Rockfish, 3 Red Rockfish, 1 Sculpin, and 1 Ocean Whitefish for 23 anglers! Book Horizon HERE

June 22, 2024

The Horizon called in with a good variety of fish. They had 35 Bocaccio, 21 Yellowtail (15-30 Lbs) with over 20 released, 12 Bonito, 7 Rockfish, 6 Calico Bass with 20 released, 3 Red Rockfish, 1 Halibut, 1 Sculpin, and 1 Whitefish. See their upcoming trips here: Horizon Open Party Trips


06/22 – Grande: Full Day trip today caught 10 Bluefin Tuna. (approx 25 Pounds) Will run Sunday! Book Here

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Memories of Yesteryear

Sportfishing Leaders since 1935

San Diego Sport Fishing History

  • Happy Angler

    Russell Stuart poses with a Black Sea Bass in this photo taken on July 21, 1947.

  • Miss California

    The Miss California, a converted water taxi, was one of H&M’s first open party boats.

  • The Day’s Catch

    Note the open slats across the deck visible in this picture. They were intended to help keep the fishermen’s feet “drier.”

  • “On Broadway”

    When H&M was located at the foot of Broadway a saltwater aquarium was erected so prospective anglers could see the many species of fish they could hope to catch.

The Oldest Sportfishing landing in San Diego

August 15, 1934

August 15, 1934

Howard Minor and Ralph Miller Sr. (Barney), two partners in Harbor Water Taxi, took a day off to fish marlin. The two men got hooked on the sport and thought seriously about founding a sportfishing company.

April 6, 1935

April 6, 1935

Mascot II made its maiden voyage from H&M Sport Fishing with 35 anglers who sacked 136 yellowtail at the Coronado Islands.

Winter 1935

November 1, 1935

Four men, Howard Minor, Barney Miller, Tony and Bill Hoss founded H&M Sport Fishing Company.  

February 1936

February 21, 1936

The San Diego Sport Fisherman’s Association was formed to define fair practices in the industry. Minor played a key role in its development.

Spring 1937

April 21, 1937

Mascot III was incorporated into the fleet.

December 7, 1941

December 7, 1941

World War II began. Some vessels in the H&M fleet were put into service as military transport and supply craft.  

Spring 1949

April 21, 1949

Otto Kiessig’s company, Sportfishers, merged with H&M Sport Fishing Company. Otto had a long range operation running to Guadalupe Island with Sportfishers IV and VI.  

April 1949

April 21, 1949

H&M reopened and sportfishing resumed.

Winter 1951

November 1, 1951

Helen Jackson bought Otto’s fleet to become one of the first women at the helm in the sportfishing industry.

Spring 1952

April 1, 1952

Lee Palm bought the Sportfisher fleet and began an “organized” approach to pioneering long range sportfishing from H&M.  


January 1, 1957

Banner years in San Diego Sportfishing. Yellowtail, dorado, bluefin tuna, and albacore were plentiful.  

March 1957

March 1, 1957

New Mascot, H&M’s first 65′ sportfisher was launched.

Summer 1959

June 1, 1959

The first Albacore sportfishing trips. Skippers recall that it was difficult to persuade anglers to go after albacore. Yellowtail were closer and seemed to be the preferred game fish.

February 1960

February 1, 1960

Malihini, the first sportfisher over 80′ was added to the fleet.

Spring 1965

April 21, 1965

H&M Landing launched a deluxe long range vessel, H&M 85′.

March 1968

March 1, 1968

Ralph Miller, Jr. came into the business after his father’s death assuming control and administration of H&M.  


January 1, 1969

With 8 open party boats in addition to its charter fleet, H&M became the world’s largest sportfishing fleet.


June 1, 1969

The City of Santa Barbara petitioned H&M to develop sportfishing at the breakwater.

Fall 1969

October 1, 1969

H&M Landing, Santa Barbara was opened.

Winter 1969

November 1, 1969

H&M Pioneered the first Natural History Expeditions into Baja California. An extensive natural history program was developed which attracted passengers from all over, including international markets.  

Spring 1971

March 6, 1971

65′ H&M Speed Twin, the first aluminum catamaran sportfisher on the West Coast, was launched. On July 18th the H&M Speed Twin broke the World Record by successfully pulling 58 water-skiers at once.

February 1973

February 1, 1973

New docks and building, constructed under Ken Golden’s ownership, were completed and H&M moved into the facility it occupies today.

May 1977

May 1, 1977

The Miller family resumed ownership of H&M. Ralph Miller shared administration and operation with daughter Catherine and son Bob.

November 1978

November 1, 1978

H&M was able to secure authority from Mexico to enter the Baja whale lagoons which had been closed to public access.

April 1979

April 1, 1979

H&M Landing took a leadership role in the organization of the San Diego Sportfishing Council, an organization composed of the San Diego landings and auxiliary businesses, formed to boost promotion of salt water angling.

February 1984

February 1, 1984

A new partnership came into H&M Landing. General manager and partner Phil Lobred, together with other partners, Jan Kirk, Frank Kadota and William Ishibashi, carried the H&M tradition forward.

April 6, 1985

April 6, 1985

H&M Landing celebrated its 50th Anniversary, maintaining its position as the West Coast’s oldest, most experienced and diversified sportfishing company.

February 1997

February 1, 1997

H&M Landing entered the world of cyberspace with its own website, https://www.hmlanding.com.

September 2000

September 1, 2000

H&M Landing first offered online booking.

April 2010

April 21, 2010

H&M Landing moved into their newest building.