September 25, 2018


The Constitution is having a GREAT 2-1/2 day trip!  Captain Jake has called in with LIMITS of Yellowfin Tuna and 11 Dorado for their first day!

The Grande was on the fish again today!  They caught 149 Yellowfin and 83 Skipjack!  Grande is fishing offshore all this week!

The Daiwa Pacific is also having a GREAT 1-1/2 day!  They have LIMITS of Yellowfin Tuna!

 Excalibur returned with 300 Yellowfin Tuna, 102 Dorado and 67 YellowtailSeptember 25, 2018


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September 24 2018

Fishing is off the hook today!

The Ranger 85 returned from their 3 day with 405 Yellowfin Tuna, 21 Dorado and 200+ Skip jack!

The Grande has LIMITS of Yellowfin Tuna and 111 Skipjack!

The Old Glory has 65 Yellowfin Tuna, 1 Dorado and 180 Skipjack!September 24 2018

Captain Joel on the Excalibur has called in with 300 Yellowfin Tuna, 102 Dorado, 67 Yellowtail and 50+ Skipjack!

The Producer caught 54 Yellowfin Tuna and 150 Skipjack!

Tonight we have the Daiwa Pacific departing for a 1-1/2 day trip!  At this time it is a light load.  They are running for sure!   Book Now

Captain Rick on the Ocean Odyssey called in with LIMITS of Yellowfin Tuna!

There is still spots available on the Old Glory and the Producer for overnight trips tonight!   Book Now

The Grande has openings all this week,  fishing offshore!    Book Now

The Premier has been catching lots of Bonito on their half day trips!  They depart every morning at 6:30 AM of 1 PM in the afternoon!

  The Relentless has returned this morning with a total of 147 Yellowfin tuna up to 40 lbs!

The Constitution has returned from their 1.5 day trip with 62 Yellowfin tuna, 12 Dorado, 9 Yellowtail, and 125 Skipjack!


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