October 23, 2018

the Catching Continues…

The Old Glory keeps on keeping on!  They caught 170 Yellowfin tuna, 31 Yellowtail and 139 Skipjack!

The Ocean Odyssey has LIMITS of Yellowfin for their 2-1/2 day trip!

check out the line up of HOT Trips available H&M Landing and book today before yours gets away!

October 23, 2018 Tuesday

Old Glory:   Overnight:   9 PM:   $215:   Book it !

October 23, 2018 Wednesday

Ocean Odyssey:   1-1/2 Day:   7 PM:   $395:   Book It !

Sea Adventure 80:   3-1/2 Day:   8 PM:   $800:   Book It !

Producer:   1-1/2 Day:   8 PM:   $360:   Book It !

Old Glory:   Overnight:   9 PM:   $215:   Book It !

October 23, 2018 Thursday

Top Gun 80:   3-1/2 Day:   8 PM:   $1086:   Book It !

Daiwa Pacific:   Overnight:   9 PM:   $260:    Book It !

Old Glory:   Overnight:   9 PM:   $215:   Book It !

October 23, 2018 Friday

Ocean Odyssey:   1-1/2 Day:   7 PM:   $405:   Book It !

Excalibur:   2-1/2 Day:   8 PM:   $695:   Book It !

Producer:   1-1/2 Day:   8 PM:   $360:   Book It !

Daiwa Pacific:   Overnight:   9 PM:   $260:   Book It !

Mustang:   Overnight:   9 PM:   $245:   Book It !

Legend:   Overnight:   9 PM:   $225:   Book It !

 See the Complete Trip Calendar Here! October 23, 2018

October 22 2018

Captain Kley has reported LIMITS of Yellowfin Tuna for the Old Glory’s overnight trip!  He reported these are a bigger grade of fish!  The Old Glory is departing tonight for another overnight trip!  Book Now!  

Capt. Rick on the Ocean Odyssey also has LIMITS of Yellowfin for their first of 2-1/2 day trip!

We have lots of trips departing this week from 1/2 day on up to 3-1/2 days!  • 1/2 Day • Full Day • Overnight • Multi-Day •

The Sea Adventure 80 returned this morning with 238 Yellowfin tuna, 8 Yellowtail, 12 Dorado, 10 bonito, 50 Rockfish, 30 Skipjack and 7 Bluefin tuna ranging 70-190 lbs!

The Excalibur returned with 260 Yellowfin tuna, 3 Dorado, 40 Skipjack, and 4 Yellowtail!

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