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April 7, 2024

The Vendetta 2 is (GOING FOR SURE!!!) for Monday’s full day trip fishing the Coronado Islands! (Passport required) Book Here  The Vendetta 2 is scheduled daily for full day trips fishing the Coronado Islands!

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Bluefin in the dark

July 20, 2018 Ocean Odyssey

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Captain Rick and Aron A. with 171# bluefin tuna

July 17, 2018 Ocean Odyssey

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Giant Bluefin Tuna

July 17, 2018 Ocean Odyssey

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Blue Fin Off Point Loma

June 15, 2018 Sea Adventure 80

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Sea Adventure 80 Blue Fin Tuna – Great looking Hat

June 15, 2018 Sea Adventure 80

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Battling a bluefin

August 31, 2017 Ocean Odyssey

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June 12th 2016

June 12, 2016 Old Glory

Captain Kley, on the Old Glory, just called in with 3 Bluefin Tuna (up to 128 pounds.) They were in a better biting mood than the last few days and the crew of the Old Glory took advantage of it! Trips are leaving every night for your opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime!

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June 9, 2016

June 9, 2016 MalihiniOld GloryPremier

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Now!

The Malihini ended with with 10 Bluefin on-board and 3 topping 120lbs!

The Old Glory checked in with 7 Bluefin some up to 137 pounds. Kley is fishing again Saturday night!

The Sea Adventure II has 5 on-board with a couple hangin’

The Producer departs this evening at 10 pm fishing offshore. Bring your heavy line for the opportunity to land the fish of a lifetime!

The Malihini departs daily at 530.

Premier twice daily at 630am and 1pm. Twilight’s start June 17th and depart at 630pm.


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June 7, 2016

June 7, 2016 Horizon

The Malihini finished with 3 Yellowfin and 11 Bluefin onboard up to 70lbs.

The Joanna is having a whopper of a day their 2 anglers so far have 3 Bluefin tuna up to 80 pounds!

The Legend is in the mix seeing large schools of BIG BLUEFIN.

This is the opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime.

Departures: 3/4 Day Malihini Daily Full Day Producer, Legend and Old Glory

Just Added Top Gun 80 departing Thursday and Saturday 1.5 Day Bring your heavy line and join in on the opportunity to engage with trophy size Bluefin.

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Sunday 05/22/2016

May 22, 2016 ProducerTop Gun 80

This season is getting started with a bang!  The Top Gun 80 just called in with limits of yellowtail from 15-30 lbs, and 5 tuna, they’re out fishing tuna now with a full day to get some more!  The Producer caught the first albacore with the fish coming to the corner on two separate occasions. (Remember to fish the anchovy when the albacore show up).  Schools of 20 – 50 pound yellowfin tuna are sneaking in and eating the popper full speed on the crashing fish!  Don’t forget the bluefin!  Lots of fish over 100 lbs with only two tricks involved,  getting them to bite and getting them to the boat once they have!  Book now before the boats are all filled up!

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Don’t Miss the Bite!

May 19, 2016 Old GloryProducerSea Adventure 80Top Gun 80Multi-Day Fishing TripsOvernight Fishing Trips

Going for sure Tomorrow night 5/20/2016:  Old Glory– 1 Day Producer– 1.5 Day, Sea Adventure 80 -1.5 Day, Top Gun 80- 2.5 Day

Big Tuna, and yellowtail are biting!  Get in on the action!

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Tuna coming in at about 170lbs

May 15, 2016 Red Rooster IIIOvernight Fishing Trips

The Red Rooster 3 with some nice grade tuna coming in at about 170lbs! They’re killing it out there!

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Big Tuna!

May 9, 2016 Red Rooster IIIMulti-Day Fishing Trips

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